3 thoughts on “PPH Maternity Ward 2018

  1. Good Afternoon Team

    Would like to enquire on admission Into LABOUR Ward as il be having my baby soon so would like to find out information before the big day.

    Am under the PHA Fullerton insurance cover which we pay 10 percent therefore would like to enquire if maternity admission during labour is also on the 10 percent.

    And how much is the amount so can plan ahead.

    Thank you and appreciate your soonest assistance

  2. Hi Team,

    I also have the same question I Am covered under 10% Insurance but I am currently visit Gerehu Clinic for my Antenatal.

    Would like to know if i will be paying 10% Insurance as it will be my first time.

    Please advise at your soonest so I can plan Ahead.

    Thank You!

  3. My sister will be having her baby soon. She has been attending clinics at the gerehu hospital but due to COVID 19 cases she has been turned away. I would like to register her at your clinic for her final months and delivery. What are your packages.

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