Mission & Vision


Our vision is for Paradise Private Hospital to be a leading healthcare provider recognised for meeting the healthcare needs of our communities and progressing the advancement of quality, innovative medical services and speciality offerings in response to changing customer needs and trends through health, healing, and comfort.


Our Mission is to continue to excel in the provision of quality healthcare services while upholding our standing as a reputable institution renowned for service excellence, specialised healthcare services and exceptional physicians and staff operating at the highest level of personal and business integrity for the communities we serve.


In the pursuit of our vision, the actions of leadership, staff and physicians will be guided by the following values:

Patients First – our patients come first at all times and every individual we serve is inherently valued as we seek to always provide an environment that is responsive to their healthcare needs, and to that of their loved ones whilst in our care

Attitude – we recognise that our attitude towards our patients, our communities and towards each other is integral to our duty as caregivers and we strive to always be inspired to carry out our duties with the same drive and spirit that first brought us into the healthcare profession

Responsive integrated care – to strive to create innovative, integrated healthcare models that meet the changing needs of the diverse market segments we serve and are delivered in an efficient and responsive manner

All-inclusive – we strive to provide services that are all-inclusive reflecting our clientele base and market

Dedication – dedication to providing care with dignity, concern, kindness, compassion and respect for the diversity of the communities we serve.

Integrity – honesty, fairness and self-awareness in everything we do in maintaining the highest of professional standards at all times

Service and stewardship – service excellence through the adequate management of our resources and making choices that are consistent with our values and mission while also being conscious of the needs of our future generations.

Encourage – always encourage and support each other, strengthen communications, teamwork and collaboration and provide a supportive environment that encourages new ideas and creativity.