The Paradise Private Hospital (PPH) is pleased to announce the recently signed partnership to provide much needed care for patients traveling overseas to seek medical treatment.

PPH has entered into a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) that will help facilitate the medical travel.

The agreement was signed on the 13th of June 2019 in Port Moresby between PPH and the Gulf Express Corporation (GEC) under their brand Health and Leisure (H&L) based in the Philippines.

H&L is an agent that is affiliated and has standing arrangements with the majority of Philippines’ tertiary and internationally accredited hospitals and medical centers.

These include St. Luke’s Medical Center, The Medical City, Makati Medical Center, Asian Hospital and Medical Center, Fatima University Medical Center, Philippines Heart Center, De Los Santos Medical Center and Capitol Medical Center.

H&L provides complete medical tourism packages to customers and matches each patient’s medical requirements with the best healthcare providers as well as with the right specialists. 

Under the agreement, H&L will market, arrange and sell medical tourism packages to clients from within and outside the Philippines.

These include health care services, travel and accommodation arrangements, leisure tours and treatments for illnesses.

PPH, Papua New Guinea’s first and only 100 percent nationally owned private hospital, will be responsible for referring patients to the Philippines and will ensure they are physically and psychologically healthy and fit for the treatment and medical travel.

PPH Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Robin Sios said, “Under our agreement with H&L, PPH becomes the referral hospital in PNG to all the main hospitals in the Philippines for tertiary level healthcare. PPH will also provide subsequent and ongoing healthcare support on referral to the Philippines. We are excited about the MOA and we believe that such partnership and collaboration provides the best healthcare for our people.”

H&L Operations Manager, Jonald Agbuya said, “The recently finalized agreement with PPH will enable H&L to provide patients in need of overseas medical services with detailed information of what to expect right when they need it. Understanding their entire medical itinerary will allow them to plan and prepare ahead whilst being assured that someone will be there to assist them with their needs.”

A review of the contract agreement will be done annually.